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Ausstellungsbesucher, Museumsprofis und Journalisten finden hier ein Museumsportal mit einer Fülle an Zusatzinformationen sowie Angaben zu Sonderausstellungen, Leihausstellungen, nahen Klöstern, Kunsthändlern, historischen Hotels und Gaststätten.. Abgedeckt werden nach ICOM Museen, Ausstellungshallen, Science Centers, Botanische Gärten, Zoos etc Geographisch decken wir den gesamten deutschsprachigen Raum (Museen in Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz) ganz Europa (Museen in Italien, Spanien, Island usw.), die europäische Türkei und Israel ab. SQL-Datenbankabfrage sowie oben Abfrage des gesamten Portals mittels Google.Viel Vergnügen!

Museen bitte beachten: Hier müssen Sie Ihre Daten online selbst pflegen! Wir helfen gerne.

This museum module covers Europe, European Turkey and Israel. According to ICOM we include museums, exhibition halls, science centers, botanical gardens, zoos etc. Additional hints to exhibitions, near monasteries, art dealers, historical hotels and restaurants. SQL-query with additional Google search tool for the whole portal. Enjoy!

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The Horse Museum

LT-29175 Niuronys (Utena)
 Kinderfreundliches Museum / suitable to children

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +370-381-51722

Träger/Financial provider:
Antanas Baranauskas and Antanas Vienuolis-Zukauskas Museum

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
May to August: Monday – Sunday 9.00–18.00;
September to April: Monday – Sunday 8.00–17.00 h.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"Opened in 1978 on the initiative of the agronomist Petras Vasinauskas (1906–1995), the museum has been accumulating agricultural implements and all sorts of exhibits relating to horses and the times when horses played an important role in people’s lives. Visitors can ride horses and drive in carriages and carts. " (Museums of Lithuania)

Ginuciai Water-Powered Mill Exhibition

LT-30027 Ginuciai (Utena)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Tel.: +370-383-5289

Info Telefon: +370-386-47478

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
May - August: Open daily from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
September: Open daily from 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
Closed October - April

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The Ginuciai water mill is a technical monument of the 19th Century preserving old mill equipment such as water wheels; bag lifting equipment, edge stones and sifters. The artwork of Petras Gaizaitis, which presents the legends, and tales of this region are exhibited on the walls.
The first floor exposition features a wide variety of antique everyday tools used in the countryside from large, grain-sowing equipment articles to small item bread serving utensils. " (Museums of Lithuania)

Museum of Ancient Beekeeping

Aukstaitija National Park
LT-30222 Stripeikiai (Utena)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Zita Stasytienë
Tel.: +370-386-53135
Fax.: +370-386-53135


Träger/Financial provider:
Aukstaitija National Park

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
From 1st May - to 15th October: Tuesday to Sunday 10.00-19.00 h.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"Hives of various types ( hives made of stumps, lying, standing hives, hives of various shapes etc.), beekeeping tools.
The farmstead of the museum spreads on the hill at the Tauragnele Rill.
The Museum was set up in 1984 by the initiative of Bronius Kazlas. Wooden sculptures around the museum tell the history of Bee-Keeping in Lithuania. Their creator is carver Teofilis Patiejunas.
In the museum you can learn about the protection of bee-hollows from bears and about different kinds of beehives, made of the trunks. Beehives of this kind were used in Lithuani from the 15th until the beginning of the 20th century. Some sculptures are beehives themselves: the God of bees Babilas and the goddess Austeja are representatives from Lithuanian mythology.
The main building was constructed in a traditional way. The beekeeping equipment and tools are presented here. The photographs will explain how to climb the tree to reach the bee hollow. Here you will find a beehive made of straw and many more interesting things. In the next building, which by its architectural style represents a granary, you will learn about melliferous herbs and bee products. In the barn you will find the tools which were used to make beehives.
Across the Tauragnele Rill you will arrive into the world of old myths. The wooden sculptures illustrate the origin of the bee in mythology of different cultures: Egyptians, American Indians and Lithuanians. " (Museums of Lithuania)

Museum of the Professor Adomas Hrebnickis

LT-30265 Rojus (Utena)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Tel.: +370-386-45440

Info Telefon: +370-386-45472

Träger/Financial provider:
Ministry of Agriculture.

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday 10.00-14.00 h.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The collection of the museum comprises research works, household articles of Adomas Hrebnickis (1858-1941), a pomologist and professor of the Forestry Institute of Petersburg, paintings painted by his daughter and other things connected with the professor's life and work.
The museum was founded in 1961 in the former farmstead of Adomas Hrebnickis (1858-1941), a pomologist and professor of the Petersburg Forestry Institute. In 1898 he built himself a house there, and established a pomological orchard containing 1197 fruit trees. His best known work is "The Fruit Atlas", which he illustrated himself." (Museums of Lithuania)


Jaunystes street 21
LT-31230 Visaginas (Utena)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Tel.: +370-386-33643

Info Telefon: +370-686-15021

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Thursday - Saturday: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The aquarium was established in the year 2000.The aquarium shows within 140 square meters eleven 600-liter tanks, three 700-liter tanks and twelve 80 - 100-liter tanks. More than 100 different species of tropical fish live, grow and breed in these freshwater tanks. The size of the fish ranges from one centimetre (for example, neons) to a few kilograms (piranhas, for example) and half-meter freshwater murenas. The sea aquariums flaunt coral gruper and as well as butterfly-, clown- and surgeonfish.
In the water the tropical seaplants thrive. One can even see madagascars (aponogetona). In one aquarium a few turtles live among Lithuanian lake fish." (Museums of Lithuania, corrected)

Zarasai Area Museum

21/1 D. Bukonto St
LT-32132 Zarasai (Utena)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: +370-385-52456

Info Telefon: +370-385-52456

Träger/Financial provider:
Moletai Area Museum

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Wednesday to Sunday 10.00-18.00 h.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The main collections of the museum: collection of history, the written language and photography, ethnography, art, folk art, numismatics.

Zarasai Area History from the early 19th Century until 1940
Ethnographic Exposition
Sacral Sculpture of the Eastern Aukstaitija (Upper Lithuania)
Mikas Sileikis Gallery " (Museums of Lithuania)

The Stelmuze Ecclesiastical Art Museum

LT-32295 Stelmuze (Utena)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +370-385-52456

Träger/Financial provider:
Zarasai Area Museum

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Tuesday - Sunday: 10.00 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Kazimieras Buga Museum

LT-32310 Paziege (Utena)

Google Maps

Träger/Financial provider:
Zarasai Area Museum

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Wednesday to Sunday 11.00-19.00 h.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The museum opened in 1965 in the birthplace of Prof. Kazimieras Buga (1879-1924), the famous linguist and founder of Lithuanian and Baltic Studies in Lithuania.
The exhibition tells the story of Kazimieras Buga's life, linguistic research and public activities. Books published by Kazimieras Buga, manuscripts of the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language, and personal belongings of the Buga family are on display. " (Museums of Lithuania)

Moletai Area Museum

4 Inturkes St.
LT-33141 Moletai (Utena)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Tel.: +370-383-51138

Info Telefon: +370-383-51077

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday 9.00-17.00.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"It houses collections of numismatics, photographs, black pottery, and ethnographic artefacts (including late 19th-early 20th century cattlebreeding, fishing and bee-keeping implements. " (Museums of Lithuania)

Glass Museum and Picture Gallery

25 Alauso St.
LT-33303 Balninkai (Utena)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +370-383-44225

Träger/Financial provider:
Moletai Area Museum

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The museum was founded in November 8, 2002. There are exhibited glass wares of glass factories and works that were working at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries in Lithuania. Also there are shown breakage of glass wares and survivals of fire-resistant materials from glass manufactories in 17th-19th centuries. Mostly there presented glass wares that have been made since 1972, when the production of graceful glass ware was restored.
This collection of glass wares (367 glass wares) was given by the technologist Kazys Strazdas in September 10, 2001.

At the Picture gallery you will find paintings received as a gift by Vladas Miskinis (1910-1999), a teacher of Balninkai Secondary School. In his paintings often famous Lithuanian people are shown, views of his native town, historical monuments, castles, and mounds.
In 2000 Onute Pusvakyte gave 40 works of graphic art, which are also exposed. " (Museums of Lithuania, corrected)

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