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Ausstellungsbesucher, Museumsprofis und Journalisten finden hier ein Museumsportal mit einer Fülle an Zusatzinformationen sowie Angaben zu Sonderausstellungen, Leihausstellungen, nahen Klöstern, Kunsthändlern, historischen Hotels und Gaststätten.. Abgedeckt werden nach ICOM Museen, Ausstellungshallen, Science Centers, Botanische Gärten, Zoos etc Geographisch decken wir den gesamten deutschsprachigen Raum (Museen in Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz) ganz Europa (Museen in Italien, Spanien, Island usw.), die europäische Türkei und Israel ab. SQL-Datenbankabfrage sowie oben Abfrage des gesamten Portals mittels Google.Viel Vergnügen!

Museen bitte beachten: Hier müssen Sie Ihre Daten online selbst pflegen! Wir helfen gerne.

This museum module covers Europe, European Turkey and Israel. According to ICOM we include museums, exhibition halls, science centers, botanical gardens, zoos etc. Additional hints to exhibitions, near monasteries, art dealers, historical hotels and restaurants. SQL-query with additional Google search tool for the whole portal. Enjoy!

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Araisi Lake Fortress

LV-4140 Drabesu (Vidzeme)
 Kinderfreundliches Museum / suitable to children

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Tel.: 4197293
Fax.: 4197293

Info Telefon: 4197288

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
1.5.-30.11.: daily 10-18 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The Araisi Lake Fortress, the reconstruction of a dwelling from the 9th century AD, is located on a picturesque islet in Araisi Lake. The reconstruction has been modelled on the remains of a collection of timber buildings uncovered during archaeological excavation, and on long-term research on the lifestyle and building traditions of the ancient inhabitants of Latvia in the Viking Age. An open air archaeological museum is being developed on the basis of this reconstruction. Visitors can also view medieval castle ruins and a reconstructed Stone Age dwelling. The fortress is a venue for folklore events, the ‘‘Bee Festival’‘, ‘‘Viking Days’‘, dramatized tours ‘‘Turn of Ages in Araisi’‘ and social gatherings. ‘‘ (Latvian Museum Association)

Valmiera Museum of Regional Studies

Bruninieku iela 3
LV-4201 Valmiera / Wolmar (Vidzeme)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Tel.: 4232733

Info Telefon: 4224770

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Mon-Fri 10-17 h, Sat 10-15 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The Valmiera Museum of Regional Studies is located in the historical centre of Valmiera. The permanent exhibitions include "A Farmstead in Videzeme", exhibitions illustrating the history of Valmiera and the region, paintings by R. Vitols and collections donated by the Spanish dance performer M. Alberinga. The museum offers various educational programmes: "Milk", "Bread", "Sauna" and "Parliament". The show "Visions of the Castle" gives an insight into costume history. On the fourth Saturday of October "Simon's Fair" offers a chance to watch craftsmen at work and buy their wares, to climb the "Umurkumurs" and to take part in several historical performances. The museum was founded in 1959 and the collection contains 56 000 items. ‘‘ (Latvian Museum Association)

Aluksne Local Heritage and Art Museum

Pils iela 74
LV-4301 Aluksne (Vidzeme)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Tel.: 4381321

Info Telefon: 4381324

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Spring to 1st of October:
Tues-Fri 10.00-17.00 h
Sat 10.00-15.00 h
Sun 12.00-15.00 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The Aluksne Local Heritage and Art Museum is situated in the Aluksne New Palace, built to the order of the German Baron Vietinghoff. Built in the 1860s, it features typical forms of eclecticism. The museum was founded in 1959, it is responsible for gathering, preserving, analyzing and promoting the local history, art and crafts heritage of Aluksne district. The museum collection contains 36 520 items. As Aluksne is a town of unique attraction and legendary history, the museum also provides guided tours to local landmark sites. ‘‘ (Latvian Museum Association)

Jazeps Vitols Memorial Museum ‘‘Anninas’‘

LV-4339 Gaujienas (Vidzeme)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: 6546842

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Tues-Sat 9-17 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"Jazeps Vitols Memorial Museum offers the permanent exhibition devoted to the composer Jazeps Vitols, founder and professor of the Latvian Conservatory. Every third Saturday of July choirs from all over Latvia come to ‘‘Anninas’‘ to celebrate the anniversary of the composer's birthday. The museum also offers a guided tour of Gaujiena Manor including some interesting geological peculiarities. ‘‘ (Latvian Museum Association)

Kalncempji Rural Municipality Museum of Local Studies

LV-4342 Kalncempju (Vidzeme)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: 4345452

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
1.4.-31.10. daily 9-17 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The Kalncempji Municipality Museum was opened at Ate in 1985. The aim of the museum is to acknowledge and preserve folk heritage and wisdom for the generations to come.The Ate watermill was built in 1785. The museum territory includes 13 buildings and objects that have been re-located: a farmhouse, granaries, a corn drying kiln, a sauna, a smithy, barns with both horse-drawn and motorized farm equipment. Although more than two centuries old, the farm is still operational - on the second Saturday in September the museum celebrates the Harvest Festival. Every visitor can try threshing, weaving, making rope and other activities. ‘‘ (Latvian Museum Association)

Gulbene History and Arts Museum

Pils iela 5
LV-4401 Gulbene / Schwanenburg / Schwaneburg (Vidzeme)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: 44 73098

Info Telefon: 44 73098

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Please, call for opening hours.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
The Museum collection and exhibition spaces are located in the conservatory of the Vecgulbene manor. Ethnographic items are stored in the manor's granary, which can be viewed or used for lectures and research. The musuem collects and preserves objects and information related to Gulbene city and the history of the district. A highlight of the collection is an early 20th century collection of glass negatives. The museum also holds significant collections of documents, postcards, ceramics and textiles. The musuem offers excursions around Gulbene and the local area, and collaborates with schools to offer research, excursions and orienteering. ‘‘ (Latvian Museum Association)

Druviena Old School-Museum

Druvienas Veca skola
LV-4426 Druviena (Vidzeme)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: 4444550

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Please, call for opening hours.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The Druviena Old School Museum gives a unique opportunity to visit a Latvian country school from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Visitors can see the classroom, bedroom and the room where the bread boxes were kept. The museum was established in 1966 in the former Druviena village school on the initiative of the former school teacher Karlis Egle. The Druviena museum also offers art exhibitions and a vast ethnographic exhibition revealing the everyday life of Druviena's inhabitants since the 19th century. The museum welcomes visitors to traditional events - Poruks poetry days, Easter celebrations and others. ‘‘ (Latvian Museum Association)

Valka Regional Studies Museum

Rigas iela 64
LV-4700 Valka / Walk (Vidzeme)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: 4781199

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Mon-Sat 10-17 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The Valka Regional Studies Museum is located in a place of historical value - the former Vidzeme Parish Teachers' Seminary which operated here from 1853 to 1890. It worked under the leadership of the Latvian pedagogue, founder of choir culture Janis Cimze, from 1839 to 1881. The mission of the museum is to popularize the cultural heritage left by Janis Cimze and his students, to stimulate people's interest in and understanding of the historical processes in the Valka region. The museum collection contained 34 508 items in 2000. The museum offers: the exhibition ‘‘Vidzeme Parish Teachers' Seminary and the Cultural and Educational Activities of its Students (mid 19th - early 20th centuries); a collection of ethnographic objects; exhibitions on regional cultural history; guided tours of Valka and the Valka region. ‘‘ (Latvian Museum Association)

Madona Museum of Local Studies and Art

Skolas iela 2 (Exhibition Hall: Skolas iela 10 A)
LV-4801 Madona / Modohn (Vidzeme)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: 4823844

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Tues-Sun 11-17 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"Madona Museum of Local Studies and Art was founded in 1944, it holds 96 000 collection items. The exhibition hall at Skolas Street offers permanent and temporary displays exploring the archeology and history of settlement of the region. A new art exhibition opens its doors almost every month. The collection of ethnographic artefacts is accesible to the public at 18 K. Valdemara Boulevard during the summer. Visitors are also welcome to use the museum's scientific library. ‘‘ (Latvian Museum Association)

Jurjani Brothers Memorial Museum

LV-4840 Erglu (Vidzeme)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: 9431659

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
1.5-1.11: Tues-Sun 10-18 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"In the Vidzeme highlands on the bank of Lake Pulgoznis lies Mengeli farmhouse, where the Jurjani family settled at the beginning of the 19th century. Four of the nine Jurjani children became musicians and went on to be the founders of Latvian musical culture. Andrejs Jurjans (1856-1922) was the founder of Latvian classical music and musical folklore studies. Juris Jurjans (1861-1940) was the first organizer and conductor of concerts of Latvian symphonic music and the first Latvian french horn player and performer. Pavuls Jurjans (1866-1948) was the founder of the first Latvian independent opera and the head of the singing class at the Latvian Conservatory. Peteris Jurjans (1851-1900) was an outstanding master of piano building and a member of the French horn quartet founded by his brother Andrejs. In the 1970s, the farmhouse ‘‘Mengeli’‘ was converted into a museum. The museum holds numerous annual activities that have become a tradition: in May, the international J. Jurjans competition of young French horn performers;in June, ‘‘Handcraft Days’‘ with the demonstration of traditional skills;in September, a song festival with the participation of choirs from all over Latvia. ‘‘ (Latvian Museum Association)

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